Thursday, 16 August 2012

Review: Maybelleine The Falsies mascara

I've been using this mascara for about a week now & I absolutely love it! As you can see the packaging is so cute - a gorgeous deep pink with a black lace design, making it stand out in your makeup bag.

The wand is curved and the packaging tells you to use the concave part to apply the mascara which works well on the upper lashes, however I find that to apply to my lower lashes and the lashes on the inner corner of my eyes the tip and the convex part work much better as if I were to use it the suggested way on the lower lash line I would end up with mascara all over my skin which isn't really the look I'm going for..

The actual product is superb, the consistency is quite wet which I know some people aren't too keen on, but for me it is great. As it is a wet formula I find that you can keep going over it until you get your desired look without making it clumpy.

The mascara really does live up to its name and gives you the look of false lashes. Obviously subtle false ones as no mascara could give you super sparkly ott lashes now could it? I normally go for volume in a mascara but have recently gotten back into wearing liquid eyeliner on my eyes and like to have long looking lashes for that look as otherwise it tends to look like I have none...

If I had to rate this I'd probably give it 9/10 as it gives amazing length and keeps the length of the lashes all day! Despite only having been using it for about a week I have absolutely fallen in love with this mascara and it's my new favourite! I would have given it a 10 if it weren't for the fact that by the end of the day there are sometimes little flakes under my eyes, this could, however, be my fault as I quite often touch my eyes and stuff.

Have you used this product? What's your favourite mascara?


  1. This mascara sounds great

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  2. great post, and beautiful pictures! :)

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