Friday, 3 August 2012

Review: HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette

If you read my July favourites post then you may well be aware that I've been using my new HD Brows palette recently and I've been absolutely loving it!
I received the palette in my July GlossyBox and mine is in Foxy, which is clearly aimed at girls with darker hair colours, therefore is perfect for me! It comes in simple yet gorgeous packaging, the design being sleek and sophisticated in the all-black, glossy case with white lettering. The packaging definitely gives it that 'up-market' feel and just reeks of glamour!

Inside are four shades; nude, warm brown, dark brown and carbon. These shades make the palette suitable to a range of people as they go from almost black to a much lighter brown. The nude shade is perfect to use as a highlight under the brow as well as to run around the edges to cover up any slight mistakes rather than slathering on the concealer!

For me the carbon shade is much, much too dark so I keep well away from that. I've found that the perfect colour for me is a mix of the two medium shades - warm and dark brown - however neither are too light or dark for me to use them individually. I tend to change what I use depending on my mood & what makeup I'm wearing that day, for example today I'm only wearing mascara on my eyes so I've gone for the dark brown on my brows, whereas if I were wearing a lot of eye makeup I would go for the lighter shade to balance everything out.

The brush that comes with the palette is surprisingly good. I never normally use the brushes given as they aren't always very good quality, however this one exceeds expectations. The bristles on the angled brush are solid enough that you can achieve a very defined look first time without having to go back and make corrections. Also the brush is thin enough to go all the way to the tips of your brows without them staying thick, giving a very feminine look. The rounded brush is slightly more flexible which works great when you're applying the highlight as you don't want it to be quite as precise.

(L-R) Warm Brown, Dark Brown, Carbon.
(Nude is just so nude that it wouldn't show up in the swatches, sorry!)

Another great thing about the colours is that they can also be used as eyeshadows, giving a great look if you'd rather have a matte finish to your eyes. When used on the eyes they blend superbly and last all day (even without primer!). I'd recommend using the three lighter shades as eyeshadow and then if you wanted to then use carbon as a liner along the upper lash line.

(T-B) Warm Brown, Dark Brown, Carbon.
(Nude is just so nude that it wouldn't show up in the swatches, sorry!)

Overall, I've really enjoyed using this palette and would definitely recommend it to all brunettes. If you have different hair colours then they also do the palette in Vamp & Bombshell. Each palette can be found here for £19.96, a little pricey but in my eyes it's definitely worth it!
Have you ever used any HD Brows products? If so what were they and would you recommend them?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with HD Brows and they have not asked me to review this product. I am purely reviewing it because I've enjoyed using the products and am receiving no money or rewards/benefits for writing this review.


  1. I have heard lots of great things about this but have never bought it! I really want to buy it now - it is definitely added to my wishlist! I'm not sure which colour I would get - probably this one as my hair is pretty dark :) Lovely post thank you x

  2. Yeah I really would recommend it! If your hair is dark then you should go for this one, my hair is a medium-dark brown and it works brilliantly for me :)

    1. Thank you! This sounds like the perfect colour :) I have just tagged you in my Liebster Blog Award post!

    2. Hope you enjoy it if/when you get it :)thank you so much for tagging me :)

  3. i got this in the glossybox too! i love it, and use the lighter browny grey colour, with the little brush and i agree that its great for brunettes! great post, have followed x

  4. That is a great little palette, some really good shades. I love that carbon shade for serious contouring!
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