Friday, 17 August 2012

Motel Rocks Street Teamer!

Another quick post for you all today to let you know that I have become a member of the Motel Rocks Street Team!

What does this mean I hear you say? Well, being a part of the team means that you help promote the brand through various things. Each member is given a discount code to share with friends/family/anyone really. My discount code is petticoatsandpansies & if you enter it at the checkout you will receive 20% off your order! We can promote the brand on our blogs or in real life via posts, ads, flyers and word of mouth.

What do I get out of it? I'm not going to lie to you, being a part of the Street Team does have some benefits for me, including goody bags and rewards in the form of 10% commission (given as credit on my Motel Rocks account) for each order made using my discount code.

What do I do as a Street Teamer? As I've said above, the main job of a Street Teamer is to promote the brand in new, creative ways. The lovely lady in charge of the Street Team sometimes sets us 'tasks' to complete, for example at the moment there is a festival challenge.

How will this affect my blog? Hopefully not too much, at the moment the only thing that is different is that in the sidebar there is an ad for Motel Rocks which includes my discount code & then there's this post. I doubt it will affect my blog too much, I will obviously tell you about any offers or anything but I'm most definitely not going to make my blog all Motel as that's not what I created my blog for.

I really would recommend that you check out Motel's website, they have pieces to appeal to every taste and with the 20% off the clothes are very affordable!

I thought I'd share with you a few things that are on my wishlist to give you a taster of what they have to offer.

Motel Jordan Skinny Jean in New Black White - £48 (£38.40 with discount)

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  1. that's cool, i wanna be part of this team! haha



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