Thursday, 16 August 2012

A quick thank you..

Just a short & sweet post to let you know how grateful I am to all of you who read my blog. Without you all it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun as I'd have no one to talk to & would probably have given up by now. I can't describe how happy I am when that little envelope pops up on my phone with a new email alerting me to a new comment on one of my posts & when I log on to see that I have a new follower - it's simply amazing.

I know that blogging isn't about how many views you have or how many people follow your blog but just to know that there actually are people out there reading what I write & enjoying it enough to comment & want to read more is the best feeling in the world.

Hopefully when I reach some sort of 'landmark' of followers I will do some sort of celebration, possibly a giveaway or something, I don't know, but just something to let you all know that I truly do appreciate all of the support & that you are all wonderful.

So thank you so much, I love you all & I hope you enjoy reading my blog for a long time coming - I don't plan on leaving any time soon!

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