Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I'm so sorry guys, I know it's been a whole month since I last posted which is awful of me but as I explained in my last post everything has been pretty manic lately!!

Since I last posted things have changed a hell of a lot. It's now obviously autumn but feels more like winter - I'm currently hidden away in Costa to avoid the dreadful rain. I have my driving test in exactly a week, how scary!! I've spent a lot more time with friends lately which was much needed as I feel as though I have lost contact with people who were so important to me in the past, but I'm working on fixing that. Also, many of my friends are turning eighteen and leaving me behind in 'childhood', bring on Easter when I turn eighteen too and can go out with them!

I don't know about you but I'm definitely feeling Christmas! Perhaps it's because the weather is feeling as though it's the middle of December or the fact that work has gone Christmas crazy (seriously, someone bought advent calendars a couple of weeks ago!). Winter is definitely my favourite time of the year, I love being able to wrap up warm and spend cosy nights in! Autumn/winter fashion is the best too, I love raspberry coloured things and winter is the perfect time to be wearing it, in fact I've practically lived in my Barry M nail paint in Raspberry!

I promise that I will try my best to blog more often, obviously I can't say that I'll be updating all the time because that's unrealistic but I will do as much as possible.