Thursday, 28 June 2012

My emergency kit

I believe that every girl should carry a small make-up bag containing her 'emergency' items. Being the super organised person I am, I carry mine in the knowledge that even if I don't need the items, someone else may do.

I keep mine in a small Dermalogica bag which you may remember from a previous GlossyBox (if you subscribe to GlossyBox that is...). It's the perfect size for me to fit all of the things I need in without having to force the zip shut or it taking up too much room in my bag.

I keep a variety of things in there, unfortunately it wouldn't be overly useful for a guy but when I'm at school with my girls I'm always prepared if they ask for anything!

The first thing is a compact mirror - a real necessity for any girl! Whether it's to apply your make-up when running late or to get some pesky dust out of your eye, the chances are you will need one most days whilst out and about. Mine is just the GlossyBox one that came in their birthday box.

Next up is a clear nail polish. So incredibly useful if you snag your tights or need to strengthen your bare nails, both of which I find myself doing regularly! This is the Maybelline Salon Manicure clear polish.

I don't know about you but I seem to get spots pop up midday and always in the areas that I've only given light coverage, therefore my concealer is a must! I keep one in my make-up bag and one in here so I'm always prepared. This is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer.

Next is something that won't apply to everyone. I personally keep my contraceptive pills in here as that way I can easily find them. I know some people like to keep them at home but I often work until after the time I take them or stay at my boyfriend's house, therefore leaving them at home doesn't work for me.

Another complete necessity is Vaseline or some sort of lip moisturising product. I suffer from dry, flaky, cracked lips so always make sure that I have one on me.

When it comes to that time of the month obviously you're going to need something to help you out. I personally use tampons, however if you prefer pads, fair enough. These are Lilet's which are my all time favourite brand, but I'm not going to go too far into talking about sanitary products so we shall leave it at that.

A mini perfume can be useful if you just want to spritz a bit during the day to give your scent a little boost. Others may put a body spray in their handbag or whatever but I like this option. The one I'm currently using is a Lolita Lempicka one from a GlossyBox.

Nail clippers are also useful. You not only can use them to obviously trim a broken/too long nail but also to cut off a loose thread or whatever.

Tweezers also come in handy if you ran out of time to pluck your eyebrows or someone gets a splinter or something.

So the next item probably isn't a necessity for everyone and I honestly contemplated not including it in the post, but hey ho, scroll down a little if you don't want to read this one.
I carry a couple of condoms just in case I forget to take my pills or it's the week off, whatever. Better to be safe than sorry hey?!

Hair grips, again, an essential. Gripping back annoying bits of hair or picking a lock (does this actually work?!). These are just cheapy ones from Boots.

Hair ties too, just in case you get annoyed with your hair or it rains or whatever. I quite often end up tying mine up as it's so long and gets in the way of life. Again, these are from Boots.

I also normally keep plasters in here but I had to use the one that was in there this morning - see, it does come in useful! - sometimes I'll put a cotton bud/pad in too.

Do you have an emergency kit? If so I'd love to know what you keep in it, I may be forgetting something key!


  1. I carry around a little kit too! A lot of it is similar to yours but I also have blotting sheets in case my face gets shiny and I keep my perfume in a travalo. :)

    1. Ah blotting sheets are a great idea! I still have loads of perfume samples lying around my room so at the moment have no need for a travalo, maybe I'll get one when I run out


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