Sunday, 3 June 2012

A day for myself.

Since the shop he works in stopped opening on Sundays a few months ago Sundays have been spent with my boyfriend with just a few exceptions - my niece's christening, studying for exams, etc. Today however, he had a bbq with some friends which I wasn't invited to, so obviously I didn't spend the day with him. (I actually did see him though cos I went with my family to town and he was in one of the shops so bumped into him and had a little chat, but I don't really class that as it was only a couple of minutes.)

It was a strange feeling, not spending the night at his last night - I've decided I don't like sleeping alone on a Saturday night, much nicer to be cuddling - and then even stranger not being dropped at his this morning as normally if I don't sleep at his I will be dropped off in the morning. This all meant that I had the whole day to myself so the question was, what the hell do I do all day?!?

My family were going to town to get a few things at about midday so I figured I may as well go with, saves sitting around bored. We popped to Sports Direct which is where we bumped into Elliot as he was picking up the new Liverpool kit - you'll probably pick up from my posts that he's football obsessed! - and I got a pair of those lycra legging thingymajigs, I don't really know what they're called but you know the tight 3/4 running trousers? Yeah, them. My mum was nice enough to buy them for me as she knows that despite being paid only a week and a half ago, I'm already running low, which was very nice of her. Then we popped into Waitrose to pick up some strawberries for the street Jubilee party tomorrow (which I don't get to go to cos I'm working all day, BOOOO!) and a few other little things before we drove over to Matalan so that my sisters could look for outfits to wear for my brother's wedding at the end of the month.

When we got home I watched a couple of episodes of Don't Tell The Bride, which is my all time favourite programme, however I'd never be brave enough to do that myself!! Then I had a bit of late lunch before having a go at my new exercise dvd, The Essexercise Workout, which I picked up for £2 in a charity shop the other day. It was the first time I had tried the dvd and I loved it. I'm not overly keen on the dance or boxing part, but that's because I have practically no coordination whatsoever, the aerobics part however was amazing! I could really feel it working my whole body and plan to do it twice a week!

I watched a few more episodes of Don't Tell The Bride before dinner. I then did the washing up and helped my mum clear the kitchen and then made myself an exercise plan for myself so that I actually do exercise - I need lists and plans in order for me to stick to things! I think I might do a separate post on my fitness regime if people would be interested? I can also keep you updated on my progress, just how well I'm sticking to it and if I find results, although I won't post things like my actual weight I doubt as I'm not exactly light!!

Now I'm just watching the Gary Barlow documentary on BBC1 and then will watch The Apprentice final which I'm pretty excited for!!

All in all today has been quite nice, however I definitely prefer spending the day with Elliot, but oh well, hopefully he's enjoyed his BBQ and I will maybe see him during the week if we can find time, it's quite hard when we are both working but we manage to make things work.

What did you do with your Sunday?


  1. A fitness post is a good idea. I try to do exercise but I don't usually stick to it! I go through stages of never doing any and then doing absolutely loads! :)

    1. I'm going to start the fitness posts today I think! Yeah I'm usually the same but hopefully I'll be able to stick to this!


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