Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hideous weather, gorgeous day.

As anyone living in Britain will know, the weather this week has been absolutely awful! Luckily, I've managed to escape most of it as I've been working but today I had the day off and had made plans last week when it was still slightly warm and the sun was peeping through the clouds just a little. A few of my girlfriends and I decided to go out for lunch in town as it was my only day off and we haven't seen each other properly in a long time. However, as we were all on a budget we struggled on deciding where to go, eventually choosing the Pizza Hut lunch buffet, which is an absolute bargain at £6.99 for as much pizza and salad bar as you like, especially when you think that it would cost you £6.75 for a regular Margherita pizza anyway! So after venturing out in the rain and getting absolutely soaked, despite having my trusty Primark umbrella on me - seriously, that thing has lasted me about a year and normally I manage to break them within a month, one time I even broke one the same day I bought it! - we met and went in.

It was so nice to be able to spend the day with the girls, even though it wasn't all of us. Since leaving secondary school last year we seem to have drifted. We've gone from seeing each other every day at school and on the weekends to seeing each other once a month tops! Obviously this was to be expected, I'm at sixth form, Becky, Lisa and Charlotte go to one college, Kirsty is at another and Sian doesn't go to college, therefore it's hard for us to all meet up at the same time. Quick interruption to the post, as mentioned in the title, the delightful weather we are having has just given us a powercut & someones car alarm is going off, fantastic!! Anyways, where was I? Ah, yes, we were meeting up every month for our birthdays and going out for a meal as there's one birthday a month between us from October through to March, mine being last. Obviously they stopped after my birthday so our last meal together was at the end of April. (We had to push mine back as Lisa was away & some of us had work commitments, etc.) so we hadn't done anything as a group since then, which is a pretty long time, in fact, apart from when I saw Sian & Becky last week, I hadn't seen any of them since then.

Lisa wasn't able to come for lunch as she had work and Charlotte wasn't either as she has gone away with her boyfriend, so that left the four of us. It was great to have a catch up about everything that's happened with us over the last few months, just sitting and chatting away for hours about anything and everything. It did make me realise just how much I miss them though. It's been over a year since we left school, therefore over a year since things were really right between us. It is great when we all meet up and do things like we did today, but you can tell that things aren't the same, and they never will be the same again. I plan to do a separate post on losing friends or distancing from them, so I won't ramble on too much about that.

Overall, a lovely way to spend my day off. Now I'm just sat in my room watching 27 Dresses and typing this out for you all. What did you do today? Hopefully no one in the UK got too wet in the rain and if you're in a different country and are having lovely weather, enjoy it while it lasts, us Brits know just how easily it can chop and change - just two weeks ago it was boiling, I think it was hotter here than in some places in Europe (although I may be wrong, I tend to make things like that up, for example everything in my History exam!!).

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