Thursday, 14 June 2012

Just a quickie

Being a country girl I love my wellington boots. I wear them all the time when I take my doggy on walks - any other shoes would get absolutely trashed, especially with the weather as pooey as it has been - so as you can imagine, my current pair are a little bit worse for wear. I've had them for a good few years and I do really like them cos they're cute - pink with little hearts and arrows on the top of the foot that look as though they've been drawn on - but the lining is all peeling away and they just aren't really practical any more.

I've been after getting a pair of Hunter wellies for a while now but just have never had the money to get some, at about £100 each they're definitely something I'll have to save for!

I've been browsing the John Lewis website for them this evening and found the most gorgeous pair!

Theyr're £99 but as I work at good old Waitrose I get partnership discount, taking them down to a much nicer £74.25 - still pricey but hey, it's nearer to £50 than £100, therefore I might be able to justify it!

The partnership discount is the reason why I'm looking at John Lewis for them as it makes them so much more affordable.

Admittedly, there isn't the biggest range on the John Lewis website as it only gives you 9 boots to choose from with no colour options so I will probably take a trip to the John Lewis store in Southampton (that's the closest one to me I think, or at least that I go to ever) and see what ones they have in there.

I do love the nautical ones but might end up getting a pair of classic Hunters instead as they don't use a trend, therefore won't have to update them when the trends change.


  1. literally want a pair of hunters so bad! i live in the countryside too, but just cant justify spending so much money on them! xx

  2. It's so much money isn't it. I know I'd get a jolly good amount of use out of them as I wear wellies pretty much every day but still, so much money! Might have a look at wages/driving spending and see if I can afford them otherwise have a word with my parents & see if they can help me out! xx

  3. I love your blog!
    Just to let you know,I tagged you into the Liebster Award :)



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