Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend antics.

So here it is, another Monday. Thankfully, as I'm on study leave, I've had a nice relaxed morning at home before I pop into town to see the boyf this afternoon. For those of you who've had to go to school or work today, I really feel for you!

This is just a quick summary of my weekend for those of you who are interested.

Worked a lovely (ahaha I'm kidding, it was atrocious) shift at work from 8-2. It was incredibly busy what with everyone stocking up on bbq goodies, alcohol and ice cream for the weekend, honestly, the amount of people that were in you'd have thought it was Christmas again!! After work I popped into town before my bus home and picked up a few tops and the pair of shoes that were featured in my wish list. When I got home I talked with my sisters and nan (who stayed the weekend cos my dad's away and someone needed to look after my sisters whilst my mum and I were at work/out) then quickly showered and got ready to go back into town.

The evening was spent with my boyfriend. We watched the football, not my choice at all, I didn't get a say in the matter, then switched to Eurovision once the match was finally over! I'm not a huge fan of Eurovision - it definitely used to be better than it is now - but I endured it and actually quite enjoyed it. Surprise, surprise we didn't win, although we did come above Norway, who we also beat in the football before hand I'll have you know. We were both really tired after working all day and the heat was getting to us a bit so we ended up going to bed straight after Eurovision!

After a slightly restless night's sleep - I can't sleep well when it's hot and Elliot feels the need to still use a duvet and have the window shut, I wasn't too impressed but oh well - we woke up and spent the morning in bed watching Sunday Brunch, it's like a ritual for us, every Sunday morning we do that, it's such a good programme! We then got up and dressed and took a walk into town to get a few things for lunch from M&S. The afternoon was spent watching rubbish Sunday TV and Elliot ended up having a little nap as we lay on the sofa, bless him!

We met the most gorgeous puppy when we were waiting for my mum to pick me up, a beautiful little spaniel who must have only been a few weeks old, she was so tiny! When we got home me, my sisters and my mum had dinner out in the garden under the evening sun and then I spent the rest of the evening tidying my room and then watched the finale of TOWIE - Gemma & Arg, what was all that about?!?!.

So yes, that was my weekend. It wasn't very interesting but oh well, after the past few weeks I've had I think I deserved a lazy weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

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