Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer is (finally) here!

So, after what seems like months of waiting, it's finally gotten hot here in England! Yes, it's been hot for a few days now but today was the first day I've actually been able to enjoy it. Monday it wasn't too sunny, Tuesday I had to go into sixth form for an exam and then on Wednesday I had at 8:30-5:30 shift at work so missed almost all of the sun! This meant that today I was able to get out into the sun at last and all of last night I was praying that it would be warm. My heart almost broke when I looked at the weather app on my phone and it said that it would rain, I mean that's just my luck isn't it, the one day I have off all week and it's supposed to rain, I almost cried!

Thankfully, however, it didn't rain. I woke up and it didn't look too nice but I still put on my shorts and cami in hope that the weather would perk up and it did! So I spent my day doing the following: went for a lovely long walk with my dog, did some housework, and then lay in the garden soaking up the rays whilst doing a very small amount of psychology revision.

Overall, a lovely way to spend the day, even if my tan isn't that amazing.

 the sheep are out in the fields by my house now, there were some absolutely gorgeous lambs but couldn't get too close to capture a good picture because of their overprotective mummys!

Pepe got a little overheated from our walk, probably wasn't the best idea to go so far as he was ill the other day but he seemed to enjoy it nevertheless.

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