Saturday, 28 July 2012

July favourites!


HD Brows eye & brow palette (Foxy) - I received this in my July GlossyBox and absolutely love it!! It is by far the best product I have used on my eyebrows, the staying power is amazing! Yes, it is slightly pricey, but I believe it is well worth it if you're anything like me and super high maintenance when it comes to your eyebrows.

Benefit posie tint - I used this all the time last summer on my cheeks but this month I've been using it on my lips and it works a wonder. The colour is a gorgeous hot/baby pink and stains the lips for hours. The perfect, bright colour for summer without the slightly thick feeling of lipstick or gloss. I tend to top it off with the rose Vaseline for a slightly glossy look and to stop my lips from drying out.

e.l.f. mineral blush (coral) - I've had this blush for a couple of years and have always liked it but put it away for the winter as I prefer a rosy pink cheek in the colder months. The other day I got it back out again and we've rekindled our love affair, it gives you a subtle glow and works amazingly with a tan!

Yves Rocher sexy pulp mascara (01 noir) - I'd never heard of this brand until I got it in a GlossyBox a few months back but this mascara is amazing! It gives my eyelashes such a long, full effect that lasts for ages. It doesn't go flaky like other mascaras that I've tried and the formula dries quickly and it is easy to remove.


Soap & Glory hand food - An all time favourite for me! Lovely packaging, super moisturising without being greasy and a lush smell, what more could you ask for from a hand cream?

Nivea Sun invisible protection spray SPF30 - Sun cream is definitely a must have for summer and this is the best one I've found. I don't get on with cream ones as I always apply too much and end up looking like a snowman in the middle of July! This Nivea spray is great as it's completely invisible so if you don't fully rub it in who cares?


I haven't actually been using anything really on my hair this month, apart from my L'oréal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray to secure buns. 
A method that I've been using to give me slightly wavy hair is after washing your hair, blow dry it upside down and then when it's about 95% dry, grab a hair tye, pull your hair to the nape of your neck and put it into a messy bun - don't try and get it looking nice, simply chuck it up. Leave it in the bun whilst you do the rest of your morning routine - teeth, face, makeup, etc. - and then once you've done everything else, release your hair from the bun and you should have slight waves/curls in your hair.


Sephora scented spray (must almond) - I bought this whilst in Poland in February and loved it, but a few weeks after getting home I forgot about it and was using various other perfumes. I grabbed it at random the other day whilst in a rush and I've fallen back in love with it. The scent is light and lovely, and the pink packaging is gorgeous and small enough to fit in any sized handbag.


Frank Ocean - After watching Sammi's video and hearing her mention Frank Ocean I decided to check him out. I've absolutely fallen in love with his album Channel Orange and simply cannot stop listening to it!


  1. Thanks for sharing your july favourites.
    I got the HD brows in my glossybox but havnt had the chance to try it out yet. Excited about this even more now!

    1. It's such an amazing palette! The only problem is the colours are super dark! I've used it a few times as eyeshadows too and it works brilliantly

  2. Really want the HD Brows palette!!
    Amy x

  3. I have the hd brows palette and really love it x

  4. Frank Ocean is fantastic!

    I've been considering ELFS coral blush and I think you may have convinced me to purchase it. I have a tan too, its fate! aha

    1. He is, I can't stop listening to his music!
      You really should buy it, such a good blush, especially for the cheap price!


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