Wednesday, 18 July 2012

High street vs high end

This is a pretty popular topic for my friends and I, what do you prefer, high street clothes or high end clothes?

Now, by high end I don't mean designers such as Alexander McQueen, Versace, etc. (I mean come on, who wouldn't kill for a pair of Louboutins?!) but brands that are just like the high street but with high prices, for example Jack Wills.

I was discussing this with a couple of friends this afternoon and we all had the same opinion, we each prefer the high street! Our reasons:
a) the clothes you find on the high street tend to vary largely, whilst still following trends
b) the price is generally pretty affordable
c) we just generally prefer the clothes on offer in high street shops

One very valid point that a friend made was 'Why would you spend £19 on a vest top at Jack Wills when you can get 5 for almost the same price in New Look?' I agree completely with this.

Realistically what is it that makes these clothes cost so much? I highly doubt that the fabric used is so amazing that it costs that much in material for it to be made - in fact I have a couple of tees from Hollister and the fabric is pretty shabby if you ask me - the main reason you are paying so much is the brand name!

If you're happy to pay large amounts to have a little bird or other sort of animal in the corner of your top, then go ahead, it's your money! I am in no way saying that I don't think people shouldn't buy these clothes, just that I don't believe that they are worth the price.

I remember last summer I went to Bath with my family and I popped into the Jack Wills outlet that is there and I found a gorgeous floral blazer and thinking that with it being the outlet and all it would be a reasonable price. Boy was I wrong?! The label was marked with something crazy like £60. Yes, it was a nice blazer, but not worth that price!

I don't mind shopping in the higher end of the high street (if that makes any sense whatsoever?) such as Topshop, in fact I love Topshop! I will, however, always check in places such as New Look to see if I can get a better deal as honestly, being 17 years old and living off the small wage I earn from my part time job (I know I don't have to pay living costs such as rent, etc. but still, I struggle to manage with the amount that I do earn) sometimes even Topshop prices are a bit too steep for me.

By all means give yourself a treat once in a while but I think that it's worth questioning whether you are buying these things because you really love them or because you want the 'popularity' that's associated with branded goods.

What are your opinions on branded clothes? Would you spend large amounts for the brand name or would you rather grab a bargain on the high street?

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  1. I think Jack Wills and Hollister are a waste of time. They're just poorly lit shops claiming to be better than everything else.


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