Friday, 7 September 2012

Hair A-Z

I love reading other people's posts about their 'hair history' and have been wanting to do mine for a while now. Unfortunately mine isn't the most interesting in the world but I figured some of you may like to read it. So here goes, the story of how I've had my hair for the past 17 (and a half) years...

**WARNING** Severe overload of photos of me in this post, I got a little overenthusiastic with picking them out, I even had a nice little trip over to ye olde bebo!

As a baby I had very, very dark hair. The style was baby style, you know, just kinda there. Then as I became a toddler it turned a lot lighter, almost blonde even. My mum kept it cut into a bob until I was about four maybe? Then it started to get darker again and went to a dark brown and I grew it to just below my shoulders. It stayed like this until I was about eleven. There was one slight incident at the age of about eight where I got hold of a pair of scissors and gave a chunk along my hair line a lovely chop (think stupid looking tufty fringe!)

When I was leaving primary school I got a long side fringe cut in, just basically a few layers/feathering to make it a bit more interesting as I was getting a bit older. The length was still just below my shoulders and I had it parted at the side.

Then when I was about 12/13 I took a bit of a risk. I got my hair cut into a Posh Spice-esque style (unfortunately I can't find the picture). Think super short bob with it shorter at the back. I loved it like this, I had a nice side fringe, layers and the cut quite suited me (I think anyway..) but it was just so much to maintain! I'd have to straighten it every day and put loads of serums on it to keep it smooth and it couldn't be tied up, basically I just got a bit stressed out with having to put so much effort into it! I decided to grow it out into a longer bob, just below my chin, still with the layers and fringe. I kept it like this for perhaps a year and a half.

I then grew it to about shoulder length and still had the fringe and everything. It stayed like this for quite a while and I just kept getting it cut into the same style over and over. Now is when I got lazy... I didn't bother getting my hair cut for quite a while and it started to get long. I decided that I liked the length and, after a trim to get rid of the graveyard that was forming on my head, I kept it long, with a longish side fringe and long layers. I really loved it like this as I could do literally anything with it!

I got slightly addicted to the length and just kept growing it and growing it and then in spring/summer 2011 I changed my parting to a near-middle one. Since then my parting has gone even more centered and the length is now to about my waist. I tend to just leave it blow dried which gives a natural, slightly wavy look, or chuck it up in a bun. I'm not really very into hair if I'm honest, as long as it looks slightly decent then I'm happy!

Just to add, as for the colour I have never dyed my hair. It's naturally a medium brown colour & in the summer it sometimes to develop some subtle blonde/ginger highlights. For the natural look of my hair see the final image.


  1. You are really pretty! I love posts like this :) How long did it take you to get your hair from shoulder length to how it is now?! I am growing my hair - I love long hair! x

    1. Awh thank you :)Um, well I used to get it cut shoulder-length regularly but probably stopped getting it cut often enough about three years ago, in that time it's only been cut a handful (if that) of times so it was a lengthy process but obviously everyone's hair grows at different rates! I love long hair too although when it's hot out it can be a nightmare :( x

  2. Ooo this is such a good idea!
    Oh my God, my hair was the same when I was little too. I had really dark hair, then it just randomly went blonde.
    I wish I had your hair, it's soooo long! You're so pretty too! xx

    1. Crazy how it can just change colour isn't it!?
      Thank you, long hair can be a nightmare at times though, makes it easy to overheat and the knots I get are insane! xx

  3. You have beautiful eyes! :*


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